Discover the Hidden Heart of South Africa

Rhino Conservation Safari

An unforgettable encounter with one of the world’s most endangered species.

South Africa Beaches

The beaches of South Africa are breathtaking. Powder white sand and crystal turquoise waters are just what you need to relax after a safari adventure.

Cape Town and Durban

South Africa’s great cities each have their own unique character.









Things to do in South Africa

Whale watching by air in South Africa

Whale Watching By AIr

Watch from the air as mighty whales breach and crash back into the water. Totally unaware of your presence, they feed, play and nurture their young. An experience that will live in your heart forever. 
VISIT Zulu Villages

VISIT Zulu Villages

Experience traditional culture, rituals and ceremonies in the Zulu villages of rural KwaZulu-Natal.

Be invited into the homestead of an authentic Zulu family and spend time with a witchdoctor who will share spiritual insights and ancient lore.

Buddhist temple in japan

Elephant Encounter

 See elephants in their natural habitat in a South African game reserve or interact with these gentle giants at a conservation camp.
Or, if you are feeling very adventurous, join your expert local guides on a night time elepahnt safari. 
Horseback Safari

Horseback Safari

You will experience the country in a different way on horseback than you do in a jeep. The vastness refreshes your spirit and you feel at one with your horse.

Even the animals that you see along the way are calmer and more accepting of your presence. 

Hiking South Africa

Hiking South Africa

South Africa’s spectacular scenery is a magnet to hikers. There are trails to suit every experience level and an experienced guide will fascinate you with stories about the ancient lands you are walking through. 
South Africa golf

South Africa Golf

South Africa is fast becoming a serious golf destination.  The private Fancourt course in Cape Town for example, designed by Gary Player,  is ranked in the Top 20 courses in the world by Golf Digest. 
Your TA can arrange a tour of spectacular golf courses, with tee times and luxury accommodation. All you have to do is bring your clubs.
big 5 safari


The excitement of a Big 5 safari in South Africa cannot be beaten. See majestic animals in their natural habitat and return to a luxury lodge to relax and dine in comfort before setting off the next day on another adventure.

Wine Tasting Tour

Wine Tasting Tour

Visit the vineyards around the Cape of Good Hope, such as those established in Constantia in 1685 which are still producing award-winning wine today. There are many vineyards and wine growing regions to choose from. Your travel agent can advise you on the best, depending on your tastes as well organize a knowledgeable and well connected local guide to accompany you. 

Honeymoon in South AFrica

Honeymoon in South AFrica

A honeymoon in South Africa ticks all the boxes. Romance, adventure, luxury and so many opportunities to take photographs of this special getaway. 

Five Star

“The safari was so fun. We saw all of the animals that we wanted to see and the lodges and staff were incredible. We had a great time … our honeymoon was amazing and we couldn’t have asked for a better trip.”

Brian and Kristen D

four and a half stars

Our travel agent suggested we base ourselves in Cape Town and take short trips to the wine country and day safaris.

We got to see and do so much and are already planning to return. 

Karen James

Weybridge, UK

Five Star

Thank you so much for the work you put into our South Africa trip.

Although we made many requests, and did not expect to see everything on our list you managed to fit it all in with ease. 

JD Fowler

Boston, US

Meet South Africa’s Best Travel Agents and Local Guides

Of course you can hop online and organize activities and places to stay in South Africa. But in such a vast country full of so many wonderful experiences, it is advisable to have your tour planned by a country expert.

An experienced travel agent design a tour that takes in all the things you really want to see and do in South Africa, while avoiding crowds of package tourists.

The best travel agents know the hidden heart of South Africa.  They can arrange accommodation in hard-to-book luxury lodges, or a meal with a Zulu family in KwaZulu-Natal.

They know when the herds are on the move on the best places to see them and they have access to private game reserves that limit visitors to ensure the most authentic wildlife experience.

For top travel agents, authenticity is the key. They steer you clear of overly commercial tourist traps and instead, guide you towards encounters with local craftsmen, business owners and private citizens.

But finding a fantastic travel agent is not as easy as it sounds. Far too many take a cookie-cutter approach, organizing the same tours day after day without any thought to the preferences or passions of the people who they are serving.

At Trekerie, we have done the research on your behalf. We have pre-selected the top travel agents in South Africa, those that have a track record of excellence and innovation. Without exception, they receive glowing reviews (from often very demanding clients) and have numerous awards for their superior service.

Access to these agents is free, easy – and fun. All you have to do is fill in a very short questionnaire about your ideal South Africa vacation and we request our agents to  provide competing travel plans, including activities, accommodation and budget outlines.

You get to choose the winner! Select the itinerary you prefer and then you can proceed with your chosen agent to plan an amazing vacation.

Giraffes in South Africa
Arial View South Africa
Hippo South Africa
Palace of the Lost City, South Africa

when is the best time to visit South Africa?

Spring in japan


August to mid-October is springtime in South Africa mark the end of the dry season so shrub and bush is sparse. With less cover on the ground, this is when you will enjoy some of the best game viewing.

The Northern Cape and Western Cape are abloom with thousands of small plants that cover the semi-arid plains in an iridescent carpet of flowers.

Pagoda in japan


Summer in South Africa runs from mid-October to mid-February.

Hot, sunny weather – often with afternoon thunderstorms that clear quickly, leaving a warm, earthy, uniquely African smell in the air.

The Western Cape, with its Mediterranean climate, is the opposite, with warm dry summers. Our curated travel agent will help you craft the perfect customized itinerary to get the most out of your safari vacation during summer.

A house covered with foliage in japan


Mid-February to April is fall in South Africa.

This time of year offers the best weather in some respects. Very little rain falls over the whole country, and it is warm but not too hot, getting colder as the season progresses.

In Cape Town, fall is fantastic, with hot sunny days and warm, balmy nights which many people spend outdoors.

mount fuji japan


Winter in South Africa runs from May to July.

Winter is when you will enjoy some of the best game viewing.

It’s a good idea to bring warm clothes to the higher-lying areas of the interior plateau. Days are dry, sunny, and crisp but nights can be cold with heavy frosts. The Western Cape gets most of its rain in winter.

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