Discover the Hidden Heart of Japan

Experience Kyoto

Visit the traditional entertainment area of Gion, Kyoto’s most famous geisha district.   The area is packed with teahouses, restaurants, shops and many shrines and buildings of historical interest.

Japan Food Tour

Experience the flavors of Japanese food and culture with an experienced guide.  You might even take a master class on making your own sushi.

Japanese Garden Tour

Replenish your soul with a tour of Japanese gardens, each one more exquisite than the last. Nowhere is the famous Japanese attention to detail and dedication more obvious.









Things to do in Japan

Japanese Cuisine

Japanese Food Tour

Travel Japan visiting iconic restaurants and enjoying dishes that celebrate the culture and flavors of the country. Take the experience home to share with friends by learning to make your own sushi.

Buddhist temple in japan

Diving in Japan

Although not as famous for diving as it is for food and cherry bossoms, Japan offers some awesome diving expereices including both tropical and ice diving and a vast array of sea life.

Japanese Cuisine

Honeymoon in Japan

Japan is the perfect destination for lovers of all ages. Romantic landscapes, beautiful gardens, sun-kissed beaches and intimate room service dinners in push five star hotels.

Buddhist temple in japan

The Heart of Osaka

Visit Osaka to sample the finest of sake and enjoy the restaurants and shopping that line the Dotonburi Canal, the vibrant heart of the city.
Japanese Cuisine

Hot Springs

Japan’s hot springs, a wonderful experience for visitors but for Snow Monkeys, a daily event. They live in the Joshinetsu Kogen National Park and their bathing antics are comical to watch.

Buddhist temple in japan

Learn Japanese Pottery

Ceramics and pottery are one of the oldest forms of expression and they hold a special significance in Japan. Try your hand at traditional Japanese pottery techniques. 

Buddhist temple in japan

Japan Cultural Tour

Simplicity, authenticity and quiet beauty best describe this tailored tour of ancient temples and the spiritual essense of Japan. Return from this tour with a replenished spirit and feeling of inner peace.

Japanese Cuisine

A Bird's Eye View of Mt. Fuji

Get a unique perspective on a classic view of Japan as you soar over the landscape and Mount Fuji shimmers in the distance.

Buddhist temple in japan

Kids Love Japan

Talented local guides make your Japan trip a fascinating and enriching experience for the whole family. Encourage curiosity and a love of travel by including kid-friendly experiences.


Five Star

We could not have asked for more from our travel agent in Japan. On time, every time, very friendly and knowledgeable. Our experience was richer for their services.

J & J Blythe

Sydney, Australia

four and a half stars

Kyoto was beautiful and my daughter was thrilled with meeting a real life geisha! Thank you so much for a wonderful time and all the planning you put into our family holiday in Japan.

John B

London, UK

Five Star

Flawless from start to finish. Not only did we eat our way around Japan but after our Japanese Cookery Master Class we can share all we learned with our friends.

R Downs & C Miller

Ottawa , Canada

Meet Japans Best Travel Agents and Local Guides

Although it is possible to arrange your own tour of Japan, in reality, you would miss out on so many fascinating aspects of the country that only a knowledgeable insider can provide.

Only the best travel agents constantly travel the country researching new experiences, those not yet found in guidebooks. They know the hidden heart of Japan, away from crowds of package tourists. Of course they know and can book you a hard-to-get table at the best Michelin starred restaurants in Tokyo but they can also introduce you to delightful local restaurants tucked away in secret corners that other visitors will never find.

For top travel agents, authenticity is the key. They will steer you clear of overly commercial tourist traps and instead, guide you towards encounters with local craftsmen, business owners and private citizens  to further your understanding of Japanese culture and provide you with an experience that you will never forget.

But finding a fantastic travel agent is not as easy as it sounds. Far too many take a cookie-cutter approach, organizing the same tours day after day without any thought to the preferences or passions of the people who they are serving.

At Trekerie, we have done this research on your behalf. We have pre-selected the top travel agents in Japan, those that have a track record of excellence and innovation. Without exception, they receive glowing reviews (from often very demanding clients) and have numerous awards for their superior service.

Access to these agents is free, easy – and fun. All you have to do is fill in a very short questionnaire about your ideal Japan vacation and we request our agents to  provide competing travel plans, including activities, accommodation and budget outlines.

You get to choose the winner! Select the itinerary you prefer and then you can proceed with your chosen agent to plan an amazing vacation.

Torii gate in Japan
Beautiful Japanese garden
Stairs in a Bamboo forest in Japan
Sushi - Japanese Cuisine

wHen is the best time to visit Japan?

Spring in japan


Spring in Japan is from mid-March to May, depending on the location.

Spring is a lovely time to visit Japan as this is when the cherry blossoms are likely to be in full bloom. It is a beautiful time of year for honeymooners because what could be a more romantic backdrop? But, as this is also Japan’s busiest season, please let our experts help you plan in advance so you get the best of the season while avoiding the crowds

Japan’s springtime weather is notoriously fickle, with temperatures ranging from approximately 40 to 65°F. Expect snow in March and clear sunny days in May and pack accordingly.

Pagoda in japan


Summer in Japan, runs from mid-May to mid-September, depending on the location. Summer can be one of the liveliest, most entertaining and culturally immersive times to be in Japan. Summer features many of Japan’s best festivals such as the Sumida River Firework festival in Tokyo or Kyoto’s famous Gion Matsuri.

Weather can be hot (70°F to 90°F ) and humid. Japan has a relatively mild rainy season that goes from June until mid July, depending on the location. Typhoons generally occur between May and October so let our experts help you plan and modify reservations for you if needed.

A house covered with foliage in japan


Fall in Japan, from mid-September to early December is a delightful time of year.

Forests burst with autumn foliage so head for Daisetsuzan Mountains in Hokkaido for a refreshing and colorful nature trail.

Do expect some rainfall and as it is getting cooler, you can make the most of Japan’s wonderful  “onsen” (hot springs). Enjoy natural natural springs like those enjoyed by the famous Snow Monkeys or request your agent organise a luxurious onsen ryokan, a traditional Japanese travelers inn enhanced with its own hot spring.

mount fuji japan


Japan’s winter runs from December to mid-March, depending on the location.

In winter you can take you onsen experience a step further as snow falls gently upon you as you soak in the hot mineral springs.

There are many snow festivals and winter illuminations to explore, most notably in Hokkaido and Tohoku and winter sports lovers are spoiled for choice of locations for skiing and snowboarding such as Aomori Spring, Appi Kogen, Tomamu and Lotte Arai.

Japan’s traditional winter dishes are warming and satisfying so make the most of the seasonal favorites wherever you are in the country through the cool weather.

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