Personally Vetted Experts

Finding these one-of-a-kind experts is incredibly difficult, so we have designed our entire service model around doing that for you.

We have scoured the globe to hand-pick the most talented professionals with proven track records of superior service with clients just like you.

Our professionals are local specialists and award winning boutique agencies who know all the secrets of each destination.

No specialist can buy their way to becoming part of Trekerie.


Handcrafted Tips

No two Trekerie vacations is ever the same.

We are deeply committed to ensuring that your Trekerie experience is as unique as you are and designed solely for you.

Each travel expert knows how to surprise you with amazing experiences you’ll love.

They specialize in helping you experience the most out of your chosen destination and activities.

Best Value

For an Amazing Experience

All of our regional experts have exclusive partnerships and relationships so you receive excellent rates and preferred access that mainstream travelers simply cannot obtain.

Our experts are all English speakers who are on call to personally ensure security and ground support for you and your family twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.

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