more luxury vacation destinations in europe


Europe is full of extraordinary places to see and things to do.  As a continent, it has long been a favorite of those who wish to make a ‘grand tour’. 

At Trekerie we have some fabulous options already available including Croatia, Italy, Iceland and many others but what we are often asked is what we think might be the next great luxury vacation destinations in Europe.

We are excited to tell you that we are currently vetting the best travel agents from the following amazing locations and look forward to bringing them to you in the very near future.  

visit austria


Harmonious landscapes surround baroque palaces in the heart of Europe. Glorious nature, music, and culture make Austria, one the most attractive safe all year round holiday destinations in the world. Austria is a generous land endowed with unimaginable natural gifts.

visit Czechoslovakia


Welcome to the cradle of Europe, a land of stories that tops the travel list of sophisticated travelers worldwide. Sparkled with needle-spired castles, dense with forests and ancient traditions the Czech Republic is a truly unique destination with surprises for all the senses.

visit Switzerland


Switzerland, nestled at the foot of the majestic Alps,  is the perfect playground for your winter or summer getaways. It is well known for its prestigious watchmakers, top notch entertainment, world-class universities, culinary delights and trendy bars and clubs.

visit Turkey


Enveloped by the turquoise waters of four different seas, Turkey is a sparkling blend of Mediterranean and Asian influences. Turkey is where inspiring architecture and archaeology meet natural wonders and vast landscapes.

Whether experiencing its plethora of mosques, churches, and temples, beguiling traditions, or mystifying landscapes, few countries offer such exotic appeal.

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