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We are pleased to introduce below other extraordinary destinations where we have vetted amazing agents who truly specialize in these beautiful countries in America.


A place on Earth where ancient forgotten Mayan tombs shelter in the jungle, where World’s second largest coral reef shimmers with an underground world in aquamarine waters that roll over white dust sand beaches. Adventure, sailing, gastronomy and relax are all ingredients of Belize, a Caribbean paradise.


Bolivia unfolds its secrets to those that dare into its mysteries. One of the best destinations of the planet, Bolivia whispers legends of old times from the Amazon to the isolated islands of Lake Titicaca. Bolivia is home to a secluded beauty that pulses from the wild jungle to the traditional markets where this proud civilization has preserved its culture and heritage.

Ecuador & the Galapagos Islands

An intimate journey into the planet’s natural history and how nature has worked its magic. Swim with giant turtles, venture into the Amazon, ride horses in the Andes, rest in a 16th-century bishop’s palace, cruise from island to island and dwell in antique markets in Quito. Ecuador’s uniqueness is also its compactness and accessibility to dozens of different ecosystems. The Galapagos Islands witness of nature’s genius to surprise and create. From the volcanic Galapagos Islands, transition to the ancient mystery of the Amazon in Ecuador where 50 million years of evolution are packed into dense carpets of trees and endemic plants.


Mexico is the epithet of flavor and color both in life and food.
Large in dimensions and character, Mexico stretches from spectacular beaches overlooked by Mayan and Aztec pyramids to buzzing cities, all sparked by stylish boutique hotels and inventive gourmet food. You will be enticed by Mexico’s friendly people. Your memories filled with vibrant colors, textures, smells, sights and sounds.

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