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We are pleased to introduce below other extraordinary destinations where we have vetted amazing agents who truly specialize in these beautiful African countries.

visit Morocco


Morocco exudes an exotic enchantment. Fall for its delicious cuisine, succumb for the treasures hiding in the souks, experience amazement at Morocco’s desert night sky. People take the time to sip life’s simple pleasures and revere ancient architecture and traditional culture. Saharan dunes elegantly roll while waiting for camel footprints, and authentic mountain retreats lead to never-ending coastlines and snow-capped mountains. Let your senses be captivated by the colors, sounds and the warmth of the Berber culture that honors and celebrates the visitor.

Visit Namibia


Namibia offers the visitor an encounter with a lost world, called by many, the ultimate dream for photographers. Endless herds of elephants, zebras, and fame evolve in landscapes that typify new definitions of beauty and nuances.

Witness in front of your eyes a family of lionesses ingeniously hunt their prey. Namibia has remained untouched by the human hand, its semi-nomadic tribes, like the San Bushmen, have lived in Namibia for nearly 50,000 years, surviving of chase and recollection. Spending some time with them on a walking safari is always an awe-inspiring experience.

Visit Zambia


Award winning destination, recognized by UNESCO, Zambia is an extraordinary destination. The country dedicates almost one-third of the country’s land to the preservation of wildlife. Zambia is also famous for being the birthplace of walking safaris and for the opportunity to see the «Big 5» (Lion, Elephant, Rhinoceros, Leopard, and Buffalo). You will be fascinated by Victoria Falls breath-taking views, one of Africa’s natural wonders. A once-in-a-lifetime experience!

More in Africa - Zimbabwe


Zimbabwe is blessed with fertile soils, mineral wealth and wonderful scenery. Zimbabwe offers endless views of Game among dramatic landscape changes, framed by two majestic rivers and the awe-inspiring Victoria Falls. Observe game as you paddle with your canoe, down the Zambezi River, before contemplating in awe at the world’s greatest curtain of falling water; Victoria Falls.