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Argentina, what is not to love about the country where the tango was born, where all the beef is still grass-fed, and where everyone stays up until sunrise reveling in the sheer joy of life?

Argentina is home of some of the greatest natural marvels on the planet, whales and glaciers in Patagonia, Iguazu Falls and the south wine region with some of the world’s best wineries.

In Patagonia you’ll be awestruck by the sheer expanse of wide open space only interrupted by pristine rivers and jagged peaks. Finally, Buenos Aires with its delicious cuisine, exciting nightlife, bustling markets and stunning architecture will make this trip a memorable one.

Trekerie will listen to your wishes and connect you with the best local expert in Argentina who will design a unique itinerary completely tailored to you.

Things to do in Argentina

a couple tango in argentina

Tango MasterClass in Buenos Aires

The soul of Buenos Aires is the tango. Your private masterclass from one of the top dancers in Argentina will teach you to perfect your tango technique but it is your heart that will and appreciate the true nature of this stirring and passionate dance.

Argentinean Cowboy

Experience the Life of an Argentinean Cowboy

Indulge yourself with a tour of the vast Pampas plains and experience the life of the iconic gauchos – Argentinean’s cowboy and symbol of national pride. A traditional ranch will welcome you for all-day-long fiesta. You will take part in scenic horse rides, lively folk dances, roaring barbecues, and – of course – dramatic demonstrations of the gauchos’ legendary riding skills.

whale watching in Argentina

Visit Puerto Piramides, The Whale Playground

The beautiful bay area location of Puerto Madryn leads the way into the interiors of Patagonia. Nestled on the Atlantic coast, the town is rich in flora and fauna, and has a population of Welsh immigrants who have added a unique accent to the local character. While here, you’ll experience some of the most beautiful and majestic sunrises in Argentina. Reach the coastal village of Puerto Pirámides and visit the whales’ playground in the adjacent bay by boat.

A beautiful mountain scene in Argentina - Sunwashed
Iguazu falls waterfalls in Argentina
Ice Fields in Argentina


colorful flowers in argentina


From September to December. Argentine spring is perfect just about everywhere. It is the best time to visit, although in the far south icy gales may blow. Each November, thousands of gauchos -Argentinean cowboys- from all over Argentina come to San Antonio de Areco for a traditional festival. During this festival you can truly immerse yourself in the culture and heritage of the gauchos.

canoe ride in Argentina


From December to February. Summer is a perfect time to visit Argentina. It is the only time to climb the highest Andean peaks, such as Aconcagua, and also the most reliable time of year to head for Tierra del Fuego. Buenos Aires is liable to be hot and sticky.

splendid view of snow capped mountains in Argentina


From March to June.

Autumn, like Spring and Summer, is a perfect time for a trip to Argentina.

snow ski-ing in argentina


From June to September. We recommend that you pack warm clothes, hiking shoes, gloves, and clothes to dress in layers. Wind- and waterproof jacket, hiking shoes, gloves, and sunglasses.

Images of Argentina

A beautiful mountain scene in Argentina - Sunwashed
Iguazu falls waterfalls in Argentina
Ice Fields in Argentina