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Kenya is a fascinating vacation destination. Imagine floating high above the Masai Mara as thousands of wildebeest thunder below in a drama that is as old as time. Or get closer to nature on an unforgettable walking camel safari, Masai and Samburu warriors as your guides.

Maasai Mara, Amboseli National Park and Tsavo National Parks are the places to see the Big Five, lion, leopard, buffalo, elephant and rhino. Your days on safari may tire you out a little, but luxury camps and lodges will soon have you rested and ready for your next day’s adventure.

Kenya, has much to offer the cultural tourist too. The fossil heritage of this ancient land dates back 100 million years and the museums here hold the world’s largest collection of human pre-historic artefacts. Even a day at the beach in Kenya is something special. The beautiful coastline includes fine sand, tropical beaches and luxury resorts.

“… this trip was such a huge experience … beginning to end, was more than I, or the girls, could have ever dreamed to have…

Carol A


hot air balloon ride over Masai Mara in Kenya

Indian Ocean Inspirations

The turquoise water of the Indian Ocean meets the white sand of Watamu Beach in Malindi. Scuba divers will find these warm waters teeming with brilliantly colored tropical fish, playing among the coral. The luxury hotels and resorts in the area await those who just want to be pampered and relax after their Kenyan safari adventures.

Night in a Star Bed Kenya

Spend a Magical Night in a Star Bed

No Kenyan safari is complete without spending a night under the stars.  After a day tracking and photographing lions, rhino and other big game, a lullaby of cicadas is all you will need to fall fast asleep in the luxurious comfort of a Kenyan safari lodge, treehouse or star bed. Drift off to sleep serenaded by the sounds of the African bush, and dream of tomorrow’s adventures.

camel safari in Kenya

Camel Safari with Samburu Tribesmen

A Samburu camel safari is quite unlike any other experience you might have in Kenya. Your guides, Samburu and Masai tribesmen, will lead you on a  trek across some of the most beautiful lands in Kenya. Each night they will pitch tents and cook and you will share the ancient and primal pleasure of an open fire under the night sky.

Beautiful Kenyan sunset
A Lioness and her cub in Kenya
Mountain over Clouds in Kenya
Hippo family in a river of Kenya


A herd of zebras near water hole in Masai Mara


From September to October, it is a perfect time for a safari in Kenya as temperatures rise relentlessly and animals need to gather in water ponds and rivers.

An elephant rests in shade


From November to December. Rains usually come in early November so it is not best time for a safari as wildlife scatters and heads off into the grasslands. However, after the rain, animals start having babies so this is a time children love. If you are coming to Africa mainly for a safari, consider please asking us to refer you to the best Safari expert so you get the most of you vacation at this season.

Amazing view of the sunset in Masai Mara


January to early May. It is a quiet time of year with a particular very photogenic light; two good reasons to come to Kenya in autumn. Try to come from late March/April onwards as there is little or no rain, with game sightings on the increase.

Elephant walk across the plains of Masai Mara


From Late May to August is a perfect time for a safari in Kenya. Animals need to come to pounds of water and rivers to drink so you have the most chances of finding them. Adding to this, daytime temperatures are very pleasant and so you can comfortably stay in the sun for longer.