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Japan is a fascinating contradiction. A place where cutting-edge innovation embraces ancient tradition, where hectic, neon-lit city life gives way to idyllic mountain retreats and serene Shinto gardens. It is a country where the act of pouring tea is an art form, and respect and grace inhabit the simplest of services. Be enchanted by the elegant Geishas, excited by the glittering modern cities, and relaxed by the natural beauty of Japan. 









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Things to do in Japan

Japanese Cuisine

Japanese Food Tour

Travel Japan enjoying dishes that celebrate the culture and flavors of the country. Take the experience home with sushi cooking classes.

Buddhist temple in japan

The Heart of Osaka

Visit Osaka to sample the finest of sake and enjoy the restaurants and shopping that line the Dotonburi Canal, the vibrant heart of the city.
Buddhist temple in japan

Japan Cultural Tour

Authenticity and quiet beauty best describe this tailored tour of ancient temples. Return with a replenished spirit and feeling of inner peace.

Five Star

We could not have asked for more from our travel agent in Japan. On time, every time, very friendly and knowledgeable. Our experience was richer for their services.

J & J Blythe

Sydney, Australia

Buddhist temple in japan

Diving in Japan

Although not as famous for diving as it is for food and cherry blossoms, Japan offers some awesome diving experiences including both tropical and ice diving and a vast array of sea life.

Japanese Cuisine

Hot Springs

Japan’s hot springs, a wonderful experience for visitors but for Snow Monkeys, a daily event. They live in the Joshinetsu Kogen National Park and their bathing antics are comical to watch.

Japanese Cuisine

A Bird's Eye View of Mt. Fuji

Mount Fuji, one of the most iconic landscapes of Japan, is already an incredible site from the ground, but by hot air balloon or parasailing it is truly breathtaking.

four and a half stars

Kyoto was beautiful and my daughter was thrilled with meeting a real-life geisha! Thank you so much for a wonderful time and all the planning you put into our family holiday in Japan.

John B

London, UK

Japanese Cuisine

Honeymoon in Japan

Japan is the perfect destination for lovers of all ages. Romantic landscapes, beautiful gardens, sun-kissed beaches and intimate room service dinners in push five star hotels.

Buddhist temple in japan

Learn Japanese Pottery

Ceramics and pottery are one of the oldest forms of expression and they hold a special significance in Japan. Try your hand at traditional Japanese pottery techniques.

Buddhist temple in japan

Kids Love Japan

Talented local guides make your Japan trip a fascinating and enriching experience for the whole family. Encourage curiosity and a love of travel by including kid-friendly experiences.


Five Star

Flawless from start to finish. Not only did we eat our way around Japan but after our Japanese Cookery Master Class, we can share all we learned with our friends.

R Downs & C Miller

Ottawa , Canada