Indonesia Luxury Travel Ideas

If you’re still undecided on where to go for your next vacation, give Indonesia a look. With over 18,000 islands, Indonesia is the largest archipelago on earth. It is home to world-class resorts and fabulous opportunities for cultural experiences, sightseeing and shopping.


Ancient Java

Java is another of Indonesia’s larger islands. It is, in fact, the 13th largest island in the world, comparable in landmass to the size of England, and with a population of 141 million, it is classed as the most populous island in the world. Java’s history stretches way back to the mists of time, beyond the written records of mankind. One of the oldest pre-historic fossils of our hominid ancestors was found on Java – the skull cap and thigh bone of Java Man – and these have been dated to be around 1.8 million years old. The UNESCO recognized Sangiran Early Man Site is the place to go to learn more about early human fossils and archeological excavations. The Borobudur Temple, another World Heritage site, is located between two volcanoes in the fertile Kedu Plain. This Buddhist temple dates from the 8th and 9th centuries and is built in three tiers: a pyramidal base with five concentric square terraces, the trunk of a cone with three circular platforms and, at the top, a monumental stupa. Together the Sangiran Early Man site and Borobudur Temple make Java a fantastic place to visit for those who love art, history, and culture.

ancient temples of Bali

Beautiful Bali

Bali is both an Indonesian island and a province. There is so much to know about this island, from luxury resorts to ancient ruins, watersports, day trips, jungle treks, shopping and nightlife that it really deserves an entire post of its own but for those who are traveling with little Trekkers, we must mention the ever popular Waterbom Bali. As waterparks go, Waterbom Bali is clean and exceptionally well-maintained. It is managed to meet international safety standards and driven by environmental principles. There are enough restaurants and food courts available to provide sustenance throughout the longest day of family fun and 3.8 hectares of landscaped tropical gardens, pools and waterslides to explore.

Indonesia Highlights

Mount Batur Sunrise Trek

Mount Batur Sunrise Trek

Hands-up if you like eggs for breakfast? Now, imagine how much more delicious they are going to be cooked in the steam of a live volcano after a two-hour trek up Mount Batur to build up your appetite.  Your guided trek is timed to coincide with the stunning equatorial sunset. After making your way back down to basecamp, celebrate the morning with fresh Indonesian coffee and chocolate.

Museum Angkut

Museum Angkut

The whacky Museum Angkut is the place to go for those interested in transportation history.

From a Model T Ford to a shiny London double-decker bus, helicopters, motorbikes and more – every iconic method of transport you can think is represented.

Both classic and modern vehicles are included and there is lots more to see and do in this sprawling theme park including a visit to old Hollywood and Buckingham Palace!

Snorkel above the USAT Liberty

Snorkel above the USAT Liberty

The USAT Liberty was shipwrecked in 1942, and later submerged in 1963 due to volcanic activity. Today, it is the perfect place for snorkeling. With an instructor, visitors can experience both history and underwater life, as the ship is now the home to several aquatic fish. The ship itself is eerie and beautiful, covered in coral and sea anemones. Snorkeling above the USAT Liberty is the perfect thing to do for those who crave adventure.

Indonesia boat charter

Charter a Boat

Imagine exploring Indonesia’s crystal blue waters from the teak deck of a traditional Phinisi yacht. Or exploring the islands from the comfort of a sleek modern cruiser.

Indonesia belongs to the region containing the highest diversity of marine life in the world. How better to explore it than from a luxury liveaboard complete with captain and crew?

Indonesian Bites


A culinary trip to Indonesia is a feast for all the senses.  Local dishes with names that sound as exotic as the food itself like nasi timbel, ayam goreng, rendang daging, and Ikan Bakar scent the air and the wonderful flavors of Indonesia cuisine lend themselves equally to robust street food or the finest of fine dining.

One restaurant in Indonesia that stands out for adventurous diners is the fabulous Namaaz Dining, in Jakarta. Chef Andrian Ishak brought the first molecular gastronomy restaurant to the country, presenting guests with a structured concert of courses, which combine science, art and whimsy to create a magical dining experience. 

Private Island Retreats in Indonesia

Bawah Island

Those looking for the ultimate Indonesia luxury tour will enjoy staying in one of the private island resorts in the area. One of the best is Bawah Island. The resort prides itself on its peacefulness for guests, and only allows a maximum of seventy people on the island at a time. With thirty-five private suites and different locations on Bawah to choose from, you can cater your getaway to fit your needs. They have several rooms over the ocean, on the beach, and nestled in with the foliage. You’ll feel like royalty when you visit Bawah Island.


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Indonesia Fast Facts

Capital: Jakarta
Population: 262.1 million
8 World Heritage Sites:
– Borobudur Temple Compound
– Subak System
– Prambanan Temple Compound
– Sangiran Early Man Site
– Komodo National Park
– Lorentz National Park
– Tropical Rainforest Sumatra
– Ujung Kulon National Park

Indonesia is home to:
16% of the world’s birds
14% of the  world’s fish
13% of the world’s mammals
11% of the world’s flowering plants
7% of the world’s amphibians
6% of the world’s reptiles

Best Indonesian islands to visit
Bangka – Belitung Islands,
Thousand Islands (Kepulauan Seribu),
Karimun Jawa Islands,
Derawan Islands
Bunaken Islands