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1- Tell us how you like to travel.

2- We match you with 2 top travel specialists. They compete to plan your custom tour.

3- Choose the one you prefer and book your tour safely and securely!

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Germany as a luxury vacation destination has something for everyone. From the wild beauty of the Black Forest to the romance of a cruise on the Danube, the vineyards of Moselle to the jolly camaraderie of the Oktoberfest, from medieval towns and ancient castles to the glittering modern cities of Hamburg, Berlin and Munich, your tour of Germany will be unforgettable and thrilling.

As one of the most picturesque and charming countries in Europe, steeped in history and culture and yet packed with adventure and fun activities, planning the perfect trip might seem challenging.  But that is where Trekerie comes in! Simply tell us about your dream trip to Germany and we will connect you with the Germany travel experts that are best qualified to design your vacation.


Neuschwanstein Castle

Tour Germany's Many Magnificent Castles

No luxury tour of Germany would be complete without exploring some of the country’s magnificent castles and stately homes. Enjoy the fairytale beauty of Neuschwanstein which inspired the Disney castles of both Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty or the imposing grandeur of Burghausen, the largest castle in Europe.


Berlin Christmas Markets

Berlin is a wonderful city to visit at any time of year but at Christmastime, it becomes magical. There are over 60 different Christmas markets to choose from in Berlin with vendors selling handicrafts, and seasonal specialties like hearty German sausage, roasted nuts and gingerbread.


Moselle and Rhine River Tours

Glide gently through the Moselle valley vineyards or sail through the scenic Rhine region, past medieval villages and homes. Enjoy delicious German food, hospitality and service while you relax and soak in the  picturesque scenery  .





Spring in Germany starts in March and runs through May. IAverage temperatures fluctuate from 39° F to 67° F.  After the cold weather, Germany starts to throw their doors open in the Spring so watch out for open-air festivals like the Rothenburg Spring Festival which kicks off on the last weekend of April. 
beautiful evening light at sunset Berlin Germany


Summer is the most popular time to visit Germany. Long, sunny days, with temperatures ranging between 70° and 80° F. This is a fabulous time to see the Black Forest, or take river cruises, go hiking and swim in freshwater lakes or visit the coast.

fall in Germany


September to November, the weather is still pleasant with golden days wrapped in colorful fall nature.It is the time of festivals and the opening of Christmas markets in late November. Average Temperatures vary from low 40°F to high 60° F.

winter in germany


November to February. Cover well in layers as German winters are cold, with temperatures often dropping below 30. Germany becomes a great winter sports area. Christmas markets are the highlight of the season.

Images of Germany

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