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From the art, architecture, fashion, food and je ne sais quoi essence of Paris, the City of Lights, to the wild beauty of the French Alps where protected wolves roam free, France has everything a discerning traveler could wish for. Dream yourself into scenes from la Belle Epoque and imagine World War II in the very place of the Normandy landings. France has historical cities, elegant chateaux and the beautiful ancient vineyards that produce the most desired wines around the globe.

Trekerie will listen to your wishes and connect you with the best local expert in France who will design a unique itinerary completely tailored to you.


chateaux in france

Chateaux, WIne & Champagne

Cruise through the peaceful waterways and beautiful countryside of the Champagne region.

Experience the luxury of gorgeous chateaux, learn about the classic red wines of Bordeaux and travel to the glamorous ancient castles and legendary Pinot Noirs and Chardonnays of Burgundy.

french culinary

Paris Art & Architecture Tour

There is so much to see in this beautiful city; great works of art and and magnificent examples of architectural styles that span the centuries. 

The right private guide will bring your Art and Architecture Tour of Paris to life with tales of the lives and times of the artists whose work you admire. 

Verdon Gorge the Grand Canyon of France

Impressions of Normandy

Normandy has beautiful beaches, great hotels and restaurants, a fascinating and colorful history and a wide variety of music, food, sports and cultural events throughout the year.

An expert in leisure and luxury travel in the region will design the perfect tour of Normandy – just for you!


“Normandy and Champagne were all that we expected and more. I am afraid my wife is now spoiled by the tasting of Dom Perignon. I think I will be paying for that part of the trip for years to come! 

five stars

H. S. (Texas)

“We asked for an intense, one-day session in Paris on French antiques, and we got it – in a luxury package presented by Juan in his inimitable style.”

five stars

M & H (Argentina)

“Our tour of Normandy and the surrounding area was as delightful in its storied history from Mont Saint Michel to the manor houses of the aristocrats as it was in its significant relevance to the events of the Second World War.”

five stars

J. K. (NJ)


 visit france and enjoy the beauty


From March to April, it is a great time to visit France and enjoy mild comfortable temperatures, local life, less crowds, lots of cultural celebrations and beautiful natural environments. Whether in Paris along the stunning tree-lined boulevards, in a picturesque medieval village like Bayeux or in a fabulous town along the famous Riviera, visiting France in the Spring is just perfect!

summer in france


From May to September, is summer in France.  Experience the buzz of the French Riviera, discover France’s world famous wine country, and let yourself get lost in the beauty of Provence. If you want to experience warm summer temperatures, superb beaches, festivals and events in full swing and cool evenings at local restaurants summer is your best time to visit France.

traditional colorful houses alsace france


From October to November, enjoy a quieter France. Weather conditions are often perfect – not too hot and not too cold – and autumn colors make for magnificent natural landscapes from the hills of the countryside to the superb city gardens. Savvy travelers know that Autumn is one of the best times to visit France!

luxury ski resort in france


From December to February, it is a great choice to come to France if you’re looking to escape the hype of tourists, enjoy winter sports like skiing and snowboarding and indulge in the luxury mountain resorts and their wonderful spas. Whether in the city or in the country, a winter vacation in France is truly unique!

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