Frequently Asked Questions

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What does Trekerie do?

We are matchmakers between discerning luxury travelers who are high on expectations but short on time, with the travel expert who is best qualified to make their dream vacations come true.

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Is Trekerie a Travel Agency?

No. Trekerie is not a travel agency. There are already many high-quality travel experts, providing exceptional services. The problem for travelers is finding not only the best travel agent for a destination – but the best travel expert for their exact requirements. And that is where Trekerie comes in.

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Does Trekerie propose example trips of tours and itineraries?

No, we leave that to the experts. After we hear from you about what would make your trip special, we will invite two of our travel experts to design exceptional travel plans for you.

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Will Trekerie plan all the details of my trip, including flights?

Trekerie’s travel planners will help you plan all the details, including international flights, connecting flights and comfortable travel arrangements in and between countries. Their experience will make the most out of your sky miles, minimize waiting times, and choose best travel times.

How does Trekerie source the best travel experts?

Our principal contact with our travel experts comes through recommendation or their excellent industry reputation. Having found what looks like a great prospect, we then spend upward of 20 hours on researching both positive and negative reviews, as well as identifying their particular strengths.

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Who is Trekerie?

Laurent Devred and Silvia Garcia are the Trekerie owners. Both are avid travelers who together source and vet the world’s best travel experts, curating them by talent, experience, and special access or ability.

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Do I have to pay for Travel Agent profiles?

No. You receive travel agent profiles free of charge. Each profile contains information of the personality and business style of the travel expert as well as an example of the kind of special activity and accommodation he has organized in the past. You will only pay a (self-chosen fee) to be connected to the agent of your choice.

How many profiles will I receive?

Trekerie only works with the very best agents in a destination and from this elite group, we select one or two travel experts that are best qualified and experienced to fulfill your vacation dreams.

What do you mean 'self-chosen' fee?

We ask you to trust us that the experts we work with are at the very top of their game. In return, we trust that you will pay us a fee that is in keeping with the value of our service to you. We call this the Trekerie Trust Pact and you can read more about it here.