Best Golf Destinations 2019

If you’re looking for reasons to bring your clubs with you on your next trip, look no further. The world is full of great golf destinations waiting for you to discover them. Golfing abroad is an excellent way to see some of a country’s best scenery while still working on that handicap. And these courses are worth taking a trip for all by themselves.

Golf in Bonnie Scotland

Swilcan Bridge, St Andrews Royal and Ancient Golf Course

You knew we were going to start in Scotland. After all, that’s where the game itself began. Steeped in tradition as the links here are though, that’s not the only reason to consider a custom planned Scotland vacation for your next golfing trip.

St Andrews calls itself the Home of Golf, and there’s something almost mystical about playing the multiple courses here. Maybe it’s the ever-changing light on glittering St Andrew’s Bay beyond the links. Or the perfect symmetry of its pars that play the same no matter whether you read the scorecard forward or backward. Or perhaps it’s the infinite charm of the Auld Grey Toun itself, the medieval yet vibrant city of St Andrews. There’s no question that the Royal and Ancient is a course unlike any other on the planet. Every golfer should play at least a round here, where it all began.

Golf in France

Do you really need more reasons to go to France? This European destination remains the world’s most popular country to visit, and it isn’t hard to see why. Breathtaking scenery. Some of the world’s best restaurants. A rich and ancient culture that rivals any in the world. Custom planned France vacations never disappoint.
But in case you’re not convinced, one look at Morfontaine’s undulating greens ought to be enough to persuade you.

Le Grand Parcours, designed by Tom Simpson, was the first full course to be opened here in 1927. Following the death of the Duke of Guiche, ownership of the course passed to its members, who still retain control today. In fact, in the best traditions of French exclusivity, Morfontaine is closed to visitors, and you’ll need an invite from one of the current 450 members if you want to play here.

Trekerie travel expert can make that happen!  And your reward will be a visit to what may very well be continental Europe’s greatest golf course.

Golf in Japan

Swilcan Bridge, St Andrews Royal and Ancient Golf Course

Few countries have taken to golf in the way that Japan has. Although the popularity of the game has fallen slightly in the country since its mid-nineties heyday, Japan is still home to half of Asia’s courses. Lacking the recognition of, say, Scotland, Japan’s varied terrain and mild seasons make it an ideal destination for golf, albeit one that many overlook.

The language barrier puts many people off, but a custom planned Japan vacation could easily be designed to include reservations at a course or two.

The Kawana Hotel is a luxurious setting for any trip. Admittedly, at over two hours from Yokohama, the Kawana is hardly central. But most visitors are here for one reason above all: to play on one of the best golf courses in all of Asia.

The breathtaking Pacific views are just part of the course’s appeal. Majestic Mount Fuji rises over the links, providing golfers with an unforgettable backdrop. And the hotel offers a hot springs steam bath for after the game, in the best Japanese golfing tradition. A golf trip to Japan is something you shouldn’t deny yourself.

Golf in Australia

Abundant sunshine means it’s always a good time for a round of golf in Australia. But the many climates of this vast country provide a myriad of different golf experiences. On a custom planned Australia vacation, you’ll be able to see just why the country is such a hot golf destination – and we’re not talking only about the weather.

Melbourne’s Sand Belt is home to most of Australia’s top courses. The grandaddy of the bunch is the Royal Melbourne, considered not only Australia’s best golf club, but ranked ninth in the world. It may also prove to be one of the greatest challenges to your game you’ll find anywhere. The deceptively wide open fairways lead the overconfident into heartbreak as they are forced to drive their ball into dangerous areas to get close to the flags.

The Royal Melbourne is a private club, but it is open to international visitors during certain weekdays. If you can make it work, it’s a course that will stay with you forever.

Golf in South Africa

Gorgeous weather and spectacular scenery are two of the elements that make any golf destination worth visiting. Custom planned South Africa vacations are a surefire way to guarantee both.

South Africa isn’t on every golfer’s radar as a great destination for the sport. But it should be. Some of the country’s best courses are also some of the best in the world.

Arguably the best course in the entire continent is at Fancourt, less than an hour’s flight from Cape Town. Described by Gary Player as his greatest achievement in golf course design, Fancourt couldn’t ask for a more spectacular setting. The Outeniqua mountains march on endlessly behind the rolling greens, and although classic British links courses were the inspiration st Fancourt, you won’t forget for a moment that you’re in South Africa. This demanding course will require you to use every club in your bag, and the experience is unlike any other course you’ve ever played. The private club that owns the course does offer some tee times for guests at the hotel, so start planning, and start packing for what could well be the game of your life.

Golf Destinations 2019

Your golf clubs have seen you at your best, and your worst. They’ve been right there with you in the glory of triumph and the bitterness of defeat. They deserve a vacation.

And with so many great golf courses around the world just begging you to play, you owe it to them – and to yourself – to experience what these and other courses have to offer.

Our five picks for the best golf destinations are only a tiny sampling of the wonderful options open to avid golfers. No matter where you choose to go, if golfing is your passion, note golf as an interest on the Trekerie  travel agent information form to include the best courses in your chosen destination itinerary. The luxury travel experts we work with will design your next vacation with golf as an integral element of the tour, ensuring you have tee times and transport to and from courses.


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