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Croatia Travel & Vacations

Croatia has always rewarded indulgent tastes. The lavish Dalmatian islands offer an all year round perfect getaway beneath balmy skies. For hikers, forest walkways open onto veiled waterfalls, and luxury is around the corner in every deserted bay sheltering private yachts. Let the sun relax your senses in a terrace gazing down on 14th century stone staircases. An atmosphere of splendor wraps everything in a blanket of romance.

Trekerie will listen to your wishes and connect you with the best local expert in Croatia who will design a unique itinerary completely tailored to you.


Oysters on a plate

Oysters, Fresh from the Sea on a Secluded, Private Island

Glide on a private yacht together with an oyster farmer who will take you to his family’s secluded private island on the Peljesac Peninsula, for a lunch of fresh-from-the-sea oysters or mussels. Learn the ancient art of pulling the catch out of the sea and taste your own catch right on the boat. Then enjoy lunch accompanied by the family’s own homemade wine.


Cooking Class in a 13th Century Palace

Make food and friends for life during this cooking class with Croatian’s favorite chef at her 13th century palace in the center of Trojir, Unesco jewel. Visit the market and embark all your senses into a culinary trip while you learn about how to recognize the best ingredients.

sibenik cathedral croatia

Walk through European History – Without the Crowds

Explore ancient Roman and Venetian glories in the Trogir and Sibenik Cathedrals. Let the sun warm you while sipping a vintage wine bottle on a colorful cafe terrace in the citadel of Osijek. With sublime monuments to be found all over Croatia, it’s easy to incorporate slices of heritage into a beach crafted vacation.

Stunning Golden passage in Croatia
golden night in croatia
Old Church on island in Croatia
Where the mountains meet the water in Croatia


spring in croatia


An ideal season to enjoy the Mediterranean coast with the locals. Temperatures are warm and days are sunny since beginning of May. The water in the sea remains nice to swim until October!

A boat floating on a lake in croatia


Summers are dry and hot (77-86°F), but the sea is everywhere to get refreshed. The northern wind – Bora – lowers temperatures and the southern wind – Jugo – brings humidity that builds into some evening storms mostly in the inside lands.

fall season in croatia


An ideal season to enjoy the Mediterranean coast with the locals. Temperatures are warm and days are sunny until September. The water in the sea remains nice to swim until October!

a beautiful sunny day in Croatia


Winter in Croatia has two aspects. Continental Croatia is characterized by cold and snowy weather, while along the Adriatic coast the weather is rather mild but rainy. Snow is rare but it could happen.

Images of Croatia

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