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Experience Chile’s Sublime Wonderlands

Chile is home to stunning landscapes, ancient deserts, glacial lakes and mysterious monumental statues standing guard over a pristine paradise.  Whether you visit as part of a luxury tour of Patagonia or on a Santiago or Valparaiso city break, this beautiful country inspires the imagination and nurtures the spirit.

Flight of the Condor

About Travel in Chile

Spanning half of the South American continent on the narrow strip of land between the Andes and the Pacific Ocean, Chile offers visitors unlimited travel choices. In an effort to increase tourism, the Ministry of Economy, Development, and Tourism launched a project—“Las Rutas Chile”—that aims to highlight its geography and culture as representative of the national identity. The “rutas” or routes cover 15 regions and follow a theme. Travelers can explore routes beginning in the desert to the north and culminating in Patagonia to the south. With so many options, Chile is steadily gaining a reputation as a travel destination for adventure.


Horse riding in the magical Patagonia

Enjoy Chile's Vast Outdoors

The UNESCO World Biosphere, Torres del Paine in Puerto Natales makes for a breathtaking day out or opt for exploring the vast Patagonian wilderness on horseback. Or perhaps summer skiing is more your style? There are more than 800 acres of snowfields to ski and snowboard in the Andean Conguillío National Park in the Araucanía Region of Chile.

Chilean cuisine

The Taste of Chile

You can’t visit Chile without tasting Chilean wine and pisco (a grape brandy produced in Chile and Peru). Elqui Valley, located in the north, is one of the most important of the grape growing regions. Elqui vineyards produce remarkable Syrah and Carmenere varietals. Pisco—a spirit that has become Chile’s most famous export—is another tasting highlight.

Chilean food too is recognized on the world stage with Santiago being declared one of the world’s best cities for ‘foodies’. It is the fusion of traditional Chilean fare with a modern flair that is particularly exciting.

Chile - Atacama Desert

Rich Chilean Culture

In recent years, Chile’s cultural traditions and stunning landscapes have attracted international attention. UNESCO named Rapa Nui National Park – commonly known as Easter Island – as a world heritage site as well as several others in order to highlight the achievements of the indigenous Inca as well as early European explorers.

Chilean Boutique

Fashion and Fair Trade

High fashion and fair trade go hand in hand in Chile.  Luz Briceño from Santiago insists on using native materials and paying local artisans a fair wage in the creation of her highly sought after La Joya Design fashion line.

Gerardo Tyrer’s Amaru is another fair trade Chilean fashion line. It uses natural alpaca and llama fibers and the traditional weaving skills of Mapuche women from Araucania to create beautiful artisanal items of clothing that embody the wild and natural spirit of Chile and that can be found in high end boutiques throughout the country and abroad.

Monkey puzzle trees in Chile

Chile Microclimates

Chile is a land of contrasts. It is the longest country in the world, stretching 4,620 km from north to south, half the length of South America.  With the Andes Mountain Range stretching one length of the country and the mighty Pacific stretching the other, you can imagine that it is a land of contrasts and micro-climates. Add to this that being firmly in the southern hemisphere, the seasons in Chile are the opposite of what is being experienced in the US and Europe. That makes it the ideal destination for both summer skiing and a warming winter getaway from America.

Torres del paine chile


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Chile Fast Facts

Capital: Santiago
Population: 17 million
World Heritage Sites:
– Rapa Nui National Park
– Qhapaq Ñan (Main Andean Road)
– Churches of Chiloé
– Sewell Mining Town
– Historic Quarter of Seaport City of Valparaíso

Chile is home to:
Andean condor
Huemal deer
Llamas, alpacas, guanacos and vicuñas

Snapshots of Chile