We have scoured the globe to hand-pick the most talented boutique agencies with proven track records of superior service with clients just like you. Our designers create trips that you can’t just book online, trips for discerning travelers.

Why we created Trekerie

England Stonehenge
For a long time, we believed that when organizing a trip, doing our own research and planning was the best option. After all, the internet makes it so easy.
But as the number of options and reviews on the internet grew exponentially, we realized this way of planning our trips was becoming time-consuming and the result was not guaranteed anymore. Looking at the figures, planning a complex trip takes an average of 42 hours.
Ice Fields in Argentina
Then, when preparing a trip to Argentina, we enjoyed the service of an expert boutique agency specialized in designing private tours for people visiting that country. The difference when a true country expert gets involved is amazing. Of course, they have the contacts and insider knowledge necessary to escape the tired tourist routes and create something unique and spectacular. Consequently, our trip to Argentina was extraordinary and our love and appreciation for true country experts was born.
New Zealand Marlborough wine region
After that, for every trip we made, instead of researching the country, we researched the best travel agents for that destination. Those with outstanding reviews and local knowledge and the imagination to create out of the ordinary experiences.
Dambulla temple cavern in Sri Lanka
The travel experts we work with are real insiders but they have another very important (and rare) attribute. They listen!  A truly great travel agent uses their profound knowledge of a country or region to design the kind of experience that makes the client’s dream trip a reality.

Two Essential Criteria

Breakfast in Brazil
1. The entire travel planning process must be a hassle-free and pleasant experience.
Indulgent desserts
2.  To make sure our travelers are in the right hands. Keeping always in mind the right hands are not the same for each traveler.
Terraced field in Mu Cang
Outdoor Dining Spain

We know the luxury tour creation process can have multiple shapes. Some travelers will invest more time, some will have very limited time, some will not have time at all. Our agents are prepared for that. We make sure the top agents we select have this flexibility as it is key to give birth to a once-in-a-lifetime vacation.

Why we chose the name Trekerie

Trekerie was born out of the combination of two words that, together, symbolize our way to create unique trips.

We started with the word “Trek”, because we do not create the regular tourist trips. Each of the trips prepared by Trekerie travel experts is authentic and unique, designed to make your dreams come true. No two Trekerie trips to the same destination will be alike. Each will have its own surprises, adventure, delights, memories and encounters based on your likes and preferences.

In this way, Trekerie honors and replicates the handmade and highly knowledgeable way artisans work. The Founder comes from France. There, artisans hand-make bread and world-famous croissants and baguettes in a Boulangerie, French pies and cakes in a Patisserie and cheeses in a Fromagerie and so on. At Trekerie, we are the artisans of unforgettable travel and we will tailor-made your trip with the best boutique travel agents.

We wish you a wonderful year traveling! Please keep in mind what John Steinbeck said “People don’t take trips, trips take people.” Enjoy!